Bus Ride

A long time ago when I was a teenager, I made my first trip to San Francisco, California.

I got on a bus, sat on the front seat and enjoyed the view as it carried us up and down hills.

The bus was  full when I got on, however after making several stops, the only ones left on the bus were two elderly couples and myself.

I can vividly recall the driver acting a little strange, falling forward on the steering wheel, the elderly people screaming loudly as the bus speeded down a steep hill, me dashing out of my seat when the driver fell sideways landing on the floor of the bus, and me sitting in the driver’s seat trying to push my foot on the brake pedal as hard as I could!

The bus continued speeding down the hill and I tried to steer it the best I could, however, it did swipe several vehicles along the way.

My knuckles turned white from squeezing the steering wheel, my feet cramping from pushing on the brake pedal, and my eyes were big as saucers by the time the bus got to the bottom of the hill where the road flattened out and I brought the bus to a complete stop.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


23 thoughts on “BUS RIDE

  1. Get outta town!! really? Ayiiee! Talk about exciting bus rides! (Now I’m curious, were they (the old people) like screaming for effect (eek!! the bus is out of control) or just as commentary…’the bus driver is dead!!’
    (not making light of the bus driver, I assume he made a fill and complete recovery).
    fun Six!


  2. What a terrifying experience! Her actions probably saved a lot of lives. There was an incident in the UK a few years ago when the driver of a bin lorry lost consciousness at the wheel in the middle of Glasgow city centre. The ending wasn’t as happy as in your story – six people died as it mounted the pavement as they waited to cross the road.


  3. Wow! That was tragic. I can remember riding buses and some being driven by elderly people. It did cross my mind a time or two ….questioning what would happen if the driver had a heart attack or something. Other times…the driver was a bit careless in operating the vehicle!


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