Six Sentence Stories

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Close Call

“Val, if you are ready to go with me to pick up the vehicle, drive the bank car to the front of the building and I’ll meet you out there after I get the file,” JC said.

“This is where he works and his vehicle is in front of the building, but unfortunately it’s parked right in front of the window!”  JC complained.

“I’ll go in, talk to him and stall him long enough for you to drive the vehicle away,” Val remarked.

JC quickly unlocked his vehicle with the key she had made, locked the door, tried to adjust the seat, but his legs are very long because she could barely push the clutch down to change the gears, however, she managed to scoot down enough to put them in reverse, and quickly backed out just as she saw the customer run out to his vehicle screaming at her.

Although she could barely see over the steering wheel since she could not adjust the seat, she managed to drive to the closest convenience store, park and adjust the seat.

Then, she called the police to inform them that she had repossessed the customer’s vehicle.

(this is based on a true story)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “CLOSE CALL

  1. I didn’t quite get this until I read the last sentence. Rereading it made much more sense then. The name Val, you know. . . .


    • Ha! I see what you mean. Pronouncing words in different ways can get confusing. Val can sound like you are saying ..well… only with an accent …instead of pronouncing it like a person’s name.


  2. damn! what a cool* thing to have done (for work)
    (and a good, exciting Six Sentence)

    *as in interesting, as in ‘mostly enjoy the re-telling of the memory of the action, kinda more than it was as you were about to do it.’


    • They were certainly interesting times and I learned a lot and was fortunate enough to have never been harmed in any way. Many years after I was out of that particular department they stopped having the collectors do the physical work and just had them take care of all the phone calls and paper work . I have no idea how they do things now, but even today it may depend on the bank.


  3. Yes, I use to work at Bank of America..15 years and one of my jobs during that time was as consumer loan collector. Back then we had to pick up the vehicle if it was a new vehicle. If not, we hired a repo agency to do it…they carried guns…we did not. We were able to get a key made for the newer vehicles and after many letters and phone calls, plus knocking on their door…we took possession if there were no payments made or a serious attempt to work with the bank to get the account up to date. Those were very interesting times in those days.


  4. Repo is a very dangerous job, and I can just imagine how not having time to adjust the car seat added to the stress of the getaway. I can imagine that your adrenaline was riding high, and I’m so glad you escaped from the angry customer just in time! What a great memory to laugh about now! 🙂


  5. True, it wasn’t so amusing at the time, nor was a lot of things that happened while I was a collector, but I learned a lot about so many things. Thank you for reading and commenting. 😃. I guess I could say it was part of my schooling from…the school of hard knocks.


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