Blackout poetry:


This newspaper is Villages Daily Sun, May 29, 2016 Section C (18 words excluding title)




Riley   6 years old

energetic dog

love his face

he really is affectionate


love at first sight

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


8 thoughts on “RILEY

  1. This is great! I got your comment about having difficulty linking it up. So I checked it out and linked it . I hope you don’t mind. I think you may have used the dead link from another thing that was going on this weekend. Either way it doesn’t matter but your poem is linked up now and thanks so much for entering!


    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure what happened but already had it published and thought I would just try again next time. I really like this new challenge. It’s an interesting thing to do. I have made a. Altered book in the past and enjoyed adding things to it and deleting things from it.


  2. Thank you, Joy! This is my first blackout but I do have an altered book that I’ve done …which involves taking a book and black some things out and adding some things….my things added was poems, pictures, quotes, colors, etc. I also changed the cover. I bought the book from Goodwill and you can get one from a thrift shop as well.


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