Your Photo Prompt for Week #22 – 2016



The opening sentence for the May 26th Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: “I am not staying here, honey.”

A New Life

Melissa whispered, “I am not staying here, honey.”

Mason looked her in the eye and quietly said, “darling, there is no other choice.  This is the only motel in town and we can’t sleep in the car like last time because it is ten degrees outside!”

She walked very slowly behind him as he carried the suitcases into the motel room.

The room was just as she had pictured it in her mind.  The carpet was filthy, bed linens dingy, pillows almost flat, one small light by the bed, and the bathroom wallpaper was partly hanging down.

Mason cheerfully said, “Melissa, there’s hot water in the bathroom this time and the toilet actually works!”

She wasn’t impressed, but grateful for the opportunity to get a warm shower.

She turned to him and smiled, saying, “I’m sorry Mason, I know this trip has not been easy for you either.”

“Just think, Melissa, tomorrow afternoon we will be on the ship headed to Europe where a new kind of life awaits us! My aunt Pauline will be there to help us get settled in.”

They kissed and hugged feeling free from the danger of her ex-husband ever finding them again.

Words (194)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


6 thoughts on “A NEW LIFE

  1. Well written. I hope their new life goes well. That they escape and don’t have to ever stay again in such a dingy place. I hope her ex never finds her!


  2. Thank you! Hopefully, moving to Europe will put them far enough away to not have to worry about him finding them. The law does not always protect you in cases like this, so it’s probably best that they left the country.


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