The Description

“Thank you for bringing in your daughter Mrs. Dawson,” detective Griffin said.

“I think it best that you sit in a different room while I question her, however, you will be able to see and hear the questions and answers.”

“Now, Molly, if you can remember a little about what the guy looked like, please tell me and this gentleman will draw a picture of him,” detective Griffin said softly.

“Well, he was much taller than me, like you, and he had a big round face, a pointed nose, little ears, lots of dark hair, a scar on his cheek, and I remember he was wearing a red hat with a pizza picture on it and I thought I could smell the pizza,” Molly answered.

“Very good, Molly, now does this drawing look like the man who came in your house that afternoon when your mother was in the backyard?”

“Yes!”  Molly screamed as tears slid down her cheeks.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

10 thoughts on “THE DESCRIPTION

  1. Thank you, Joy! It’s amazing how the artist can draw a picture and it resemble the person being described. I wonder if it is for real, or only in the movies. I’m not sure.


  2. This sounds like something very awful happened to this girl. I hope not too awful. Seeing his picture drawn up from her descriptions would be terribly frightening and scary to see his face again. Well written on a serious matter.


  3. Thanks so much. Actually, I figured it could go either way. A child can be very frightened by a stranger coming into their house without a parent or someone they know there also. He may have gotten startled to see a child and decided to leave. I would rather think that is the case, but bad things do happen as well.


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