tree-893272__180        oak-511469__180          oak-18557__180

road-989730__180         leaves-1030938__180           acorns-87792__180


I started as a seed and gradually grew into a very tall oak tree.  I reached a height of over sixty feet.

I produced as much oxygen in a season as ten people inhale in a year and provided shade, provided shelter and food for birds, squirrels and a wind breaker for houses during hurricanes.

My wood is very dense and heavy, which makes it ideal for everything from firewood to ship building.

My crown was very wide-spread and help reduce bothersome noise by up to fifty percent and masked unwanted noises with pleasant sounds.

My trunk was very wide and I my limbs had green leaves to decorate them in the summer, colorful ones in the fall, and they were bare in the winter.

People could look at me from their windows and tell if the wind was blowing.  No one could actually see the wind, but as it moved my limbs and leaves, they knew it was present.

One day a crew of people came and cut me down to the ground. My limbs  taken off, my bark stripped from my trunk, and then cut into logs. The logs were carefully prepared for more cuts providing boards to build beautiful furniture.

I became a beautiful entertainment center, and I am often admired by many people.


Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved



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