Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 05-10 through 05-16-2016

This week’s photo prompt is provided by S. Writings. Thank you S. Writings!

Travel Machine

“Zed, come over here,” Zender whispered.

“Why, and why are you whispering?”

“Never mind, just get over here!”

“Look at that!”

“Mercy, Zender!  Is that a travel machine?”

“I think so.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Well, it has those round things on the front and back, those clear looking things to see through and those little protruding things on the side  used to pull apart a section of the machine.”

“Why does it pull apart?”

“So the humans can get inside.”

“What happens then?”

“There’s a real loud sound and the thing starts to actually move! “

“Let’s go over there and see if we can make it move.”

“No way!”

“Why not?”

“Because I saw one of them moving really fast one time and another one came up behind it with a big twirling red thing on top of it.”

“What happened then?”

“I don’t know because both of the machines were traveling extremely fast and they disappeared out of my sight!”

Words (172)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

24 thoughts on “TRAVEL MACHINE

  1. I liked your unique take on this Jessie. I don’t think they should be so scared of them. It would be fun if thry checked-out the time machine.


  2. I enjoyed this Jessie : I have not been contributing as much lately. I am writing a book and I occasionally write more words than the 175 limit. ~ l love your work 😊☮


    • Thanks so much, John. I was concerned that perhaps you may be ill or just working on other things. I’ve missed your stories and input. Best of luck on your book, please tell me more about it when you can. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Ha! Yes, it would be like a neon sign and also. there would be no trouble finding it in a parking lot, that’s for sure . Some days I could use one like that when I go shopping and forget what row I parked in!!!


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