The Painting


our Photo Prompt for Week #18 – 2016


The Painting

“Mr. Jordan, the clients for your ten o’clock appointment are here,” Allison said.

“Bring them in please.”

“Sir, they have requested you meet with them in the conference room.”


“Because they have their young grandchild with them and there is a painting of an airplane in here.”

“Why is that a problem, Allison?”

“The child is traumatized after being in a plane crash with his parents.  His parents did not survive and he remembers the incident.  He goes into shock when he sees a picture of an airplane.”

“I understand, but the conference room is unavailable at this time. Please have Mr. Roberts come in and remove the painting, then have them come in.”

Words (115)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

9 thoughts on “The Painting

  1. Poor child to be traumatised at such an early stage in life. I hope he’ll be able to confront what happened properly in the future and overcome his trauma that way.


  2. Poor kid. That would be awful to survive a plan crash, low your parents in it, but survive through the horror. Don’t blame him for being traumatized by plans. Good story Jessie.


  3. Thank you! That would be a difficult thing to overcome, especially for a child. Children depend on their parents, or whoever is taking care of them and to have that taken away would be quite an adjustment Every child deserves the love and care of an adult that they know and trust.


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