Blackout poetry:


This newspaper is Villages Daily Sun, May 29, 2016 Section C (18 words excluding title)




Riley   6 years old

energetic dog

love his face

he really is affectionate


love at first sight

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The party was in full swing and everyone was having a great time.

Then, they heard the sound of a gun and everyone turned around to see Jake laying on the floor!

Mark stood over him with a gun and there was complete silence of disbelief.

However, before panic set in, Mark announced that he was practicing for a scene in a play and the gunshot was a blank.

Jake sat up and smiled.

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Your Photo Prompt for Week #22 – 2016


The opening sentence for the May 26th Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: “I am not staying here, honey.”

A New Life

Melissa whispered, “I am not staying here, honey.”

Mason looked her in the eye and quietly said, “darling, there is no other choice.  This is the only motel in town and we can’t sleep in the car like last time because it is ten degrees outside!”

She walked very slowly behind him as he carried the suitcases into the motel room.

The room was just as she had pictured it in her mind.  The carpet was filthy, bed linens dingy, pillows almost flat, one small light by the bed, and the bathroom wallpaper was partly hanging down.

Mason cheerfully said, “Melissa, there’s hot water in the bathroom this time and the toilet actually works!”

She wasn’t impressed, but grateful for the opportunity to get a warm shower.

She turned to him and smiled, saying, “I’m sorry Mason, I know this trip has not been easy for you either.”

“Just think, Melissa, tomorrow afternoon we will be on the ship headed to Europe where a new kind of life awaits us! My aunt Pauline will be there to help us get settled in.”

They kissed and hugged feeling free from the danger of her ex-husband ever finding them again.

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Three Line Tales, Week Seventeen

photo by Wynand von Poortvliet

three line tales week 17: orange ropeDifferent Things

“Jeffery, I’m at the end of my rope with your great ideas!”  Emily fumed.

“Come on Emily, you know how much you enjoy doing different things!”

“I do not call being stranded on a small island with very little food, water, no shelter, and mosquitoes large enough to saddle and ride, fun!”

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The Description

“Thank you for bringing in your daughter Mrs. Dawson,” detective Griffin said.

“I think it best that you sit in a different room while I question her, however, you will be able to see and hear the questions and answers.”

“Now, Molly, if you can remember a little about what the guy looked like, please tell me and this gentleman will draw a picture of him,” detective Griffin said softly.

“Well, he was much taller than me, like you, and he had a big round face, a pointed nose, little ears, lots of dark hair, a scar on his cheek, and I remember he was wearing a red hat with a pizza picture on it and I thought I could smell the pizza,” Molly answered.

“Very good, Molly, now does this drawing look like the man who came in your house that afternoon when your mother was in the backyard?”

“Yes!”  Molly screamed as tears slid down her cheeks.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 05-24 through 05-30-2016

his week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ for our photo prompt!

Dome School

“Astair, where do you go to school?”  Bobby asked.

“I go to the Dome school.”

“Dumb school!  Where is it?”

“Not dumb school, Dome school.”

“Oh!  I’m glad to hear that!  But, where is it?”

“I’ll take you to it and show you how different it is from your school.”

“You’re right, Astair, I’ve never seen a school like this before. “

“Bobby stand beside me in the middle of the building, ” Astair instructed.

As they stood there the dome shape came downward toward them.

After landing on the ground, Astair and Bobby were surrounded by colorful doors.

Astair told Bobby they could enter the doors and each one had a different class room behind them.

“Astair, how does a full size classroom fit behind each of these doors?”  Bobby questioned.

“It’s a Dome thing.”

“Why do you think it’s dumb.”

“No, I said Dome, not dumb!”

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tree-893272__180        oak-511469__180          oak-18557__180

road-989730__180         leaves-1030938__180           acorns-87792__180


I started as a seed and gradually grew into a very tall oak tree.  I reached a height of over sixty feet.

I produced as much oxygen in a season as ten people inhale in a year and provided shade, provided shelter and food for birds, squirrels and a wind breaker for houses during hurricanes.

My wood is very dense and heavy, which makes it ideal for everything from firewood to ship building.

My crown was very wide-spread and help reduce bothersome noise by up to fifty percent and masked unwanted noises with pleasant sounds.

My trunk was very wide and I my limbs had green leaves to decorate them in the summer, colorful ones in the fall, and they were bare in the winter.

People could look at me from their windows and tell if the wind was blowing.  No one could actually see the wind, but as it moved my limbs and leaves, they knew it was present.

One day a crew of people came and cut me down to the ground. My limbs  taken off, my bark stripped from my trunk, and then cut into logs. The logs were carefully prepared for more cuts providing boards to build beautiful furniture.

I became a beautiful entertainment center, and I am often admired by many people.


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The opening sentence for the May 19th Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: “This can’t be that hard.” Please use this sentence (or this thought) somewhere in your flash.



Ethan loved to listen to piano music.  He told his dad that he would be playing the piano one day.

His dad always encouraged him  to try new things, but this time there was no support from his dad.

Ethan wondered why his dad felt that way.  After all, he figured it couldn’t be that hard to do.

However, he was fortunate to receive support and encouragement from his mother.  She secretly arranged for him to take piano lessons.

After a year of piano lessons, Ethan and his mother decided to surprise his dad.

She persuaded his dad to go to a piano concert and that was the night his dad found out about Ethan’s piano lessons.

Ethan was so excited, and he played a beautiful song. It was one of his dad’s favorites.

His dad was so surprised and proud of Ethan and he had tears in his eyes when he hugged and congratulated him.

Ethan could not see his dad’s tears, since he was blind, but he felt them drop on his shirt as his dad hugged him.

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Channah’s Fear

Channah refused to enter the train station depot.

“Mom, why is Channah so afraid to go inside the train station?”  Alex questioned.

“It reminds her of the past, when her family was forced to go on the trains and she never saw them again,” his mother explained.

“The mass transportation of the railways made it possible for the elimination of people targeted as condemned prisoners.  They were  transported to German Nazi concentration, forced labor, and extermination camps.”

“She never found out what happened to them,” said his mother.

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