Six Sentences Stories…..Last


 The Slide

Leslie drove her car carefully down the mountain.

The road had snow and ice on it and it was beginning to get dark outside.

Her car ran over a tree branch, and began sliding toward the edge of the mountainside causing the back tires to slide off the road.

She tried desperately to open her car door, but it would not open and her car continued to slide down.

A truck came around the corner, stopped, and a man got out and raced over to Leslie’s car.

He opened the door as it continued to slide down the mountain and at the last-minute, he pulled her out before her car slid down the mountainside.

12 thoughts on “THE SLIDE

  1. nice… it prompted ‘visuals’… (which, to me, is always the sign of a good Six), of the only time I’ve been to Colorado and the one thing I noticed was the impressive lack of guardrails on roads that, like, dropped off into oblivion… here in New England, if there’s a drop of six inches…. more of a slant…lol there’s a total guard rail along the entire distance)


  2. Thank you! I have never experienced anything like that, however, I have driven on mountain roads and it can be quite frightening, especially when there is no guard rail (not that it promises safety! ….but it does give you a better chance of survival.


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