The Six Sentence Cue of the Week is…FLOOR


Enhancing Makeovers

“Tara, what kind of place is this?”  Ginger asked.

“It’s a place like no other and you will be so pleased you came here.” Tara said as her face lit up with impish glee!

“Go ahead Ginger, choose a floor.”

Ginger stood in the elevator and pushed floor number six, the elevator went up, stopped, doors opened, a group of people ushered her in a room, and within thirty minutes had her hair washed, cut, dried, flat ironed,  makeup applied, and she went to the elevator.

Ginger was so excited she pushed floor number ten, the doors opened, a woman ushered her to a room, put her in an enclosure with just her head visible, and within thirty minutes she had a new outfit on two sizes smaller, and an hourglass figure!

Ginger met Tara in the main lobby and said, “what is the name of this planet?”


  1. Wow, really cool idea to write a story on. Pick a floor in this building and have your particular beauty/fashion/makeover dream come true. I would love to go to this place. But then I think, if they did something I didn’t like, I’d be upset. But if they could make whatever you dreamed of yourself in your head come true, I’d be there. Excellent story Jessie.


  2. This is my kind of fantasy story. Start with a massage, get a thinner body, new look. Love it. Makes me want to know what is on the other floors. (A good kind of imagining that includes chocolate and wine and hot tubs).


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