Your Photo Prompt for Week #13 – 2016


Highway Night Blurred Lights Lens Flare Guard Rail

The Lesson 

“Adam, my brother is out of town, and my parents are out for the evening. This is the perfect time for our ride in my brother’s new hot sports car!” Travis said.

“No one is on this road  now, so I will see how fast this beauty can go!

Travis was driving ninety miles an hour. Then, bright lights were shining in his eyes and he couldn’t see anything!  He quickly pushed on the brakes.

The car began to slide, it hit the rail, sped around, slid to the other side of the road and came to a sudden stop when it hit the other rail.

Travis looked over at Adam and knew right away that he was dead. People seemed to come from nowhere and were trying to get the car door opened.  He saw flashing lights, heard sirens, and a lot of hysterical voices.

Travis heard his father yelling at him and at first he couldn’t understand what he said, but then realized he was in bed and being called to hurry up and get ready so they could take his brother to the airport.

Words (188)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

16 thoughts on “THE LESSON

  1. A great twist. I was positive both brothers were taking a joyride and Adam was dead, when I realized Travis was in bed and dreaming, before they took Adam to the airport. Happy Easter!


  2. Phew! Glad it turned out to only be a dream, but the subconscious is powerful so I bet he had thought about doing that very thing. Hopefully, he heeded the dream.


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