SUNDAY PHOTO FINISH    …March 13, 2016


Photo: © Al Forbes 2014

Boat Trip

“Maggie, remember the boat trip we took to the little island?” Jennifer asked.

“Of course!  That was the day I came close to losing my life!”

“I wasn’t exactly totally safe myself!”

“I know.  We found out what it was like being stranded and totally terrified.  The rain was pouring down on us, the lightning was flashing all around us, the waves were huge and the boat’s motor cut off! “

“I remember that part really well!  I tried to keep the flashlight from falling off the boat and I ended up falling overboard, then you managed to pull me up and get me back in the boat,” Jennifer said.

“We only needed another twenty minutes and we would have made it home before the storm began,” Maggie remarked.

“Thank goodness that fishing boat was in the area and came to our rescue,” Jennifer said with relief.

“That’s for sure!  The worst part was when mom and dad met us at the boat with a combination of relief and the urge to kill both of us for taking that risky boat trip.”

Words (180)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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