SIX SENTENCE STORY   Cue…   Contract


The Encasement

The hot metal contracted as it cooled and Frederick smiled as he looked at the encasement and closed the door to the shop.

He walked down the street and met Alexander and Maria in the coffee shop.

“How is business Frederick?” Alexander asked.

“Well, I just completed a job I signed a contract for,” he replied with a voice of satisfaction.

Alexander and Maria looked at each other and Alexander grinned.

“Maria, Thomas will no longer be a threat to us,” Alexander said.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


15 thoughts on “THE ENCASEMENT

  1. I love reading more of the backstory in the comments. Still encased in hot metal – not a demise I would wish on anyone, stalker or not. This is quite a story!


    • Thank you! Encasement in this case….is quite drastic. But, drastic measures are used sometimes when our laws do nothing to protect people from someone like Thomas. Sometimes it ends up with the victim being killed even after begging for some protection by law enforcement.


  2. I know a couple people that perhaps were deserving of this kind of engagement since they were abusers and seemed unable to accept the ending of their relationships. No one should have to live in terror when they say “enough” and “leave”. Protection orders are useless until the crime has been committed. This was a chilling tale of permanent resolution.


  3. Thank you for reading and commenting. It is true…protection orders are useless until the crime has been committed. Sometimes things are done, other times , it is too late for the victim.


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