A Squirrel’s Communication

I drove around a curve and saw a truck that had flipped over. The driver was lying on the ground, and I could see that he was dead.

I heard a screeching noise and saw a small squirrel sitting on top of a fence.  It looked like it was screaming at me as it moved its head and body back and forth and it looked over to an area of bushes.  That really got my attention!

I quickly went to that area and saw a woman lying on the ground. I checked to see if she was breathing and she slowly opened her eyes, but said nothing.  She moved her hand in the direction of the truck.

I looked over and saw a small arm protruding from the window. There was a child still strapped in a car seat.  As I reached in to get him out, he began to cry.

After calling 911, the police, ambulance and fire trucks arrived. I looked for the squirrel and it was still sitting on the fence, but was very docile and just stared at what was happening.

Words (186)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved







Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 200 word flash fiction story.


  1. Wow amazing squirell. I wonder what makes animals be helpful like that. How they know people are hurt badly and need help. A squirell perhaps is less likely to do this, but dogs will. Great story, I liked that the squirell was helpful and also rubber necking!


  2. Thank you! Animals are amazing and I hear more about dogs doing this type of thing. I’ve seen them in a very protective mode when they are around babies. It’s like they know somehow that the child needs protection.

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