This week we meet out intrepid adventurers attempting to make good and proper use of the cue word: CLEAVE.


“Mike, how was your trip through the jungle?” Adam asked.

“It was exciting and challenging!”

“In what way?”

“I saw a lot of snakes, tigers, panthers, monkeys, and we slept under the stars every night.”

“Dad taught me how to pitch a tent, hunt for our food, cook over an open fire, and wash my clothes in a river.”

“The most challenging , but fun part was using a machete to cleave a path through all the brush.”

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

8 thoughts on “Jungle

  1. funny that…. I hated and still hate to camp anywhere! BUT I do recall camping once with my uncle and his family and him teaching us to get through the tall razor grass with a machete… it was my favorite part of the trip… stupid now that I think of him giving a machete to a kid my age!


  2. I would hate to camp in the jungle! Back when we were younger, there was a lot less fear of danger when it came to teaching kids things that required a bit of danger while learning! Now you can’t even ride a bicycle without the need of a helmet, let alone use a machete to cut your way through some brush.


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