Sunday Photo Fiction   2-21-2016



Emma was meeting Jake at Grace Chapel Baptist Church so they could talk to the pastor about their upcoming wedding.

She stopped at Phil’s Cafe and picked up a cup of coffee.  Just as she entered the restaurant there was a man with a gun pointed at Phil and he shot him in the chest.

She quickly turned to run out the door, but the man saw her, ran after her and grabbed her arm.  She tried to pull away, but he was too strong for her.

Phil had filled a bag with money from the register and handed it to the man.  He also pushed an alarm button which alerted the police and they arrived within minutes.

Jake was off duty that day and received a call to go to Phil’s Cafe as a back-up for the police.

Emma continued to struggle with the robber as he dragged  her across the room.

The police surrounded the building and entered through the back door. Emma heard a gun fired just as she managed to pull away from the man and he fell to the floor.

Emma and Jake looked at each other in surprise.

Words (199)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


7 thoughts on “ROBBERY

  1. That would be a frightening situation. Especially for Emma, seeing Phil get shot and her being dragged off to probably be shot too. Thank goodness the police were timely. Great write. Liked the action in it.


    • I’m sorry I misled you, Joy. Reading your comment I realised I made a typo error in my story. The backup police officer was Jake. I had the name typed in as James! The robber was shot by Jake…thus, saving Emma. I just finished correcting the error. Thanks so much for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for pointing out the error…I have corrected it now. I appreciate it when someone brings the errors out to my attention, that is one advantage of posting …it helps to get some different eyes looking at it. 😶


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