Day At The Beach

The day was beautiful, so we decided to go to the beach and have a picnic.  Our family was visiting so everyone rode in the van.

We found the perfect picnic table under the shaded area.  We set the food on the table, ate, reminisced about things in the past, told jokes and laughed a lot.

Afterwards, we walked down to the water and took a stroll down the beach with waves splashing on our legs.

The clouds began to form and became very dark.  The wind was strong, making it difficult to walk along the beach.

We turned around and began to walk back in the other direction.  The wind seemed to  push us along the way.

We saw, what looked like a tornado, so we rushed to the picnic area.

Just as we reached the picnic area, it began to rain, the wind blew debris everywhere, and each of us grabbed things from the table and rushed to the van.

We were sitting in the van watching the rain pound the vehicle, debris flying all around, and trees swaying in the wind.

We heard a loud noise from the thunder and the lightening was constantly flashing.

Much to our surprise, we looked in the direction of where we saw the tornado and discovered it was not a tornado after all.

It was a huge crane near some condo’s, but it had looked so much like a tornado when the clouds were dark and the visibility of the area  impaired.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserve

13 thoughts on “DAY AT THE BEACH

  1. I guess especially when we’re afraid our minds can play tricks on us. It can make us create things in our head, when really there is nothing to worry about. Nothing to fear but fear itself. Great descriptive piece. Good writing Jessie.

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    • Thank you, Joy! It was quite a memorable day. I never went to the beach again if there was a forecast of thunder showers. We don’t live near the beach now because we are in the middle of the state, but when visiting our daughter and granddaughter we never go to the beach unless the forecast is good. We love to take subs , chairs and enjoy eating and watching the sunset over the water. It’s really beautiful.


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