MINDLOVEMISERY …………..Wordly #96  February 1,  2016

Week 96


“Jack, I heard about your horrible weekend,” Todd said.  “I could just visualize it!”

“Wow! Word gets around fast.  It sure put me in a bind.  I doubt that I will every forget it or let someone deceive me like that again.”

“I thought friends were suppose to help you, not cause you misery!”

“I’ve always been able to tolerate a lot of pranks, but the hijack of my new boat is not one of them!”

“Was it Jackson that hit you on the head and caused the turgescence?”

“No, it was his girlfriend, Jennifer.”

“You mean the girl with the single tendril hanging down on her forehead?”

“That’s the one!”

“I was just standing there talking to Jackson and she began to advance toward me and before I knew what happened I was lying on the deck and I passed out.”

“They put me on a raft, so I was buoyant, but unconscious and had no control where I floated.”

“I ended up in a large patch of arborescent duck weeds. “

“When I woke up, they were transporting me to a coast guard boat.”

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

8 thoughts on “THE HIJACK

  1. Crazy story. I don’t think that was a prank taking his boat. I think it was stealing, assault and battery, with intentions to kidnap etc. Good use of words.


  2. Thank you…I tend to agree, but I guess he was just too nice to label it that way, even though it actually put his life in danger and he was assaulted. Some things can be carried out too far. I doubt there is any friendship there any longer. If the law was involved, that is another story…these so called, friends , are probably behind bars!

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