FRIDAY FICTIONEERS  …..January 29, 2016

The challenge is 100 WORDS OR LESS.

PHOTO PROMPT - © ceayr


Alena heard a tap on the window. It was Quinn!

She quickly packed a few things, threw them in a pillowcase and climbed down the ladder propped against the house.

They quickly  made their way through the gate and ran to his car.

She turned twenty-one that day and finally escaped from her parents.

Quinn and her boarded a cruise ship, married on board, and settled in Costa Rica.

The news reported her parents arrest for killing a young woman twenty-one years earlier and stealing her baby girl.

Words (88)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved



50 thoughts on “THE GETAWAY

  1. Thank you mandi! I’m glad it turned out well. It was one of those that was quite long and I had to keep chopping and chopping and hope I had something meaningful by the time I got it down to size!


  2. This is great. I think if she finds out, she’ll actually be relieved to find that these horrible people weren’t her parents. Deserved or not, running away would have left her with a bit of guilt deep down, which here isn’t necessary, just relief.


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