FRIDAY FICTIONEERS  …..January 29, 2016

The challenge is 100 WORDS OR LESS.

PHOTO PROMPT - © ceayr


Alena heard a tap on the window. It was Quinn!

She quickly packed a few things, threw them in a pillowcase and climbed down the ladder propped against the house.

They quickly  made their way through the gate and ran to his car.

She turned twenty-one that day and finally escaped from her parents.

Quinn and her boarded a cruise ship, married on board, and settled in Costa Rica.

The news reported her parents arrest for killing a young woman twenty-one years earlier and stealing her baby girl.

Words (88)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


50 thoughts on “THE GETAWAY

  1. Way to hit with twist at the end. It’s unbelievable her parents were murderers and baby stealers. Thank goodness her life will be better with Quinn. Great writing Jessie.


  2. Thank you mandi! I’m glad it turned out well. It was one of those that was quite long and I had to keep chopping and chopping and hope I had something meaningful by the time I got it down to size!


  3. This is great. I think if she finds out, she’ll actually be relieved to find that these horrible people weren’t her parents. Deserved or not, running away would have left her with a bit of guilt deep down, which here isn’t necessary, just relief.


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