139 01 January 17th 2016

Never Lose Hope

Lexy noticed how Emma was looking at the brick building.

“I’m sorry I drove down this street,” Emma.

“That’s alright, can we stop at the drugstore on the next corner?”


“Jen, are you coming in with me?” Emma asked.


“Jen, remember the child they found in that brick apartment building we drove by on this street?” Lexy said.

“Yes, and found alive! They think he is about six years old.”

“Well, Emma’s ex-husband took their baby and she still has hopes of finding him, but he is about eight now.”

“I didn’t know that. That’s awful!”

Lexy turned the television on.

“Lexy! That child reminds me so much of Eric, but he’s the wrong age,” Emma said sadly.”

The news reporter said, “If anyone knows Sunny Harris, call your local police. They believe she is this child’s mother.”

Lexy shouted, “that’s you, Emma! They don’t know you changed your name and Eric is eight, not six.”

Emma got her son back.

The newspaper article stated Eric as being small for his age and is eight years old, not six.  The child’s father was found dead outside his apartment door.

Words (190)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

11 thoughts on “NEVER LOSE HOPE

  1. Very exciting. Glad Emma was able to get her son back. Sorry the Dad died, even though he took of with the child in the first place. It is never good for a child to lose a parent and the Dad should have been brought to justice.


    • Thank you! Yes, it is difficult for a child to lose a parent and in this case he was a baby when his dad took off with him…it would be such a horrible experience for a child to be with his dad all that time and then have to live with the mother, who he knows nothing about.

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