SIX SENTENCE CHALLENGE….clue is Change   Thursday, January 14, 2016

Martha’s Drastic Change

Martha was seven years old when she experienced a real change in her young life.

Her mother, dying of cancer, insisted that Martha be taken to her maternal grandparents to raise, so her father drove over to their house after his wife passed away, literally dropped her off and told her grandparents that she was theirs to raise!

Martha had two older brothers, however, they stayed with their father.

Martha’s grandparents took very good care of her, however, she never received the personal nurturing that every child needs and deserves, and this drastic change in her life was devastating for her.

At the age of fourteen, Martha experienced another change in her life when her grandparents passed away and she went back to live with her father.

At the age of twenty, she fell in love with a very handsome, educated young man, married him within a few months and they had nine children of which were five girls, four boys and each boy served in the military….army, navy, air force, and marine corp.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved




  1. I’m confused. This story is now about Martha’s Drastic Change. I really feel sorry for Martha but it seems her change was for the better when she married and had 9 children! Great story Jessie!


    • Joy, I just realized after posting a reply to the confusion of Martha’s Drastic Change…that on my screen it appears under comments made about my story Sugarfoot…which some how has disappeared!!! All comments about Sugarfoot now appear under Martha’s story. I have no idea how the system did this and not quite sure how to fix it!


  2. Thank you, Joy! Her drastic change was losing her mother and having to be raised by her grandparents for seven years while her brothers were raised by her father. After having adjusted, I assume, to seven years with her grandparents, she was uprooted once again and finished being raised by her father. Of course the happy change came when she married her true love.


  3. Wow…at first i read the comments and had to reread the story to see what i missed…then saw the comment about the mix up….relieved…i thought i truly missed something!!! Martha didnt seem in any danger of a bar room brawl!!!!


  4. What a tempestuous life! I hope she found the long-term comfort and connection she was looking for. (P.S. TOTALLY mis-read your last line at first, and thought that she’d somehow had nine kids within a few months, and was marvelling at her incredible fecundity, or wondering if she’d adopted!)


  5. She did find the comfort and life she was looking for. She was a very soft spoken, sweet lady. THIS STORY IS TRUE, every word……..this remarkable woman was my mother-in-law that passed away years ago. I am disappointed that this story was in the mix up of the other story and I am still trying to find out how this happened! I do not input the comments, and certainly do not type in that message at the top where it says 18 thoughts on “Martha’s Drastic Change” . The post published before this one was called Sugarfoot and it disappeared after comments were made.
    IF THERE IS ANYONE THAT CAN TELL ME WHO I CAN CONTACT TO GET THIS CORRECTED , I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. I ask the question on the WordPress Support site, but no one has been able to answer it…yet.


  6. I love it when family histories can be preserved, and this six sentence story format seems to work really well–it’s not so overwhelming, I guess.


  7. I could sense immediately that this was a true story, and what had to be some terribly difficult changes for a young girl to experience mercifully turned out ok, as she went on to make a good and happy life for herself and her family. This story could have turned out much differently. Blessings to those who knew her and those she raised up to be good people!


  8. Thank you so much for your comment. You’re right, it could have turned out quite differently, however, being the type of person she was, she was able to overcome life’s obstacles and live a happy and productive life.


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