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The Picture

“Jill, have you seen mom?  I can’t find her, ”  Carrie said.

“She is in the garage looking in some of the boxes.”

“Why?  There’s nothing out there but a couple of boxes of junk.  Most everything had been destroyed in the fire.”

“She wants the picture of the house.”

” What picture?”

“You know, the one  taken from the kitchen shortly before the electrical storm.”

“Why would she want to bring back old memories of that?”

“Because that’s all she has left of the past.  You know how much she loved that house and working in the kitchen.  She has fond memories of cooking, singing, watching us through the window play in the yard, and looking out for dad to come home.”

“Yes, I remember, those were the good old days.  We were a family, a very happy family and I really miss that part of our life.  But, it’s over now and we have to keep moving forward in life no matter what happened in the past.”

“Sure, I know, and mom knows too, but the picture is something that she can hold on to and it kind of lets her keep a part of the happy times.”

“Jill, do you still have that picture of Rob?  The guy you got your first kiss from when you were thirteen?”

“I sure do!”

“It has a sentimental value to you right?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Now, do you understand why mom wants that picture of our house?”

“I understand completely, thanks for enlightening me.”

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


15 thoughts on “THE PICTURE

  1. Memories behind “things” such as pictures can be very important; they connect us to another time and place. I hope their Mom finds the picture because it will help her deal with the fact her house was destroyed but not her memories and precious moments in it. Wonderful lesson you are teaching here Jessie.


  2. Thank you! Yes, life seems like a long time when we are young and anxious to accomplish things, but as we get older, the time just slips away so quickly. Photos are wonderful. There are so many things that we can look back on, and lots of them we had even forgotten until we see the photo.


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