WORDLE #87  November 30, 2015

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem. Words can appear in an alternate form and use in any order that you like.

Elbow, Emotional, Docile, Glass, Shivaree, Cake, Prodigious, Dress, Telesthesia, Dew, White,  Errant



Rosemarie had lived a sheltered life since the age of ten after she suffered a head injury while dismounting her horse and slipping on grass wet with dew.

She lost her hearing and most of her eyesight.  She was emotional at times and proved a very errant child.  Her parents kept her secluded from most of the world and she became very docile. At age eighteen the state  forced them to let her have freedom.

She moved in with her cousin and began seeing a doctor about the possibility of an implant to help her hear again.

They became very good friends and fell in love.  She wanted to delay the wedding until she could hear again, but he insisted they continue with their wedding plans. The implant was not totally successful so she could only hear extremely loud sounds, but there was a possibility of it improving .

With the help of her cousin and friends, Rosemarie chose her wedding dress which was white and had tiny white pearls on it. The cake was also white and placed on a huge glass mirror because she had always heard that mirrors bring beautiful blessings to you.

The day of the wedding there was a small shivaree crowd instigated by Rosemarie’s parents.  The groom elbowed his way through the crowd and insisted that they break up before he called the police.

During the wedding ceremony Rosemarie was extremely happy. She looked startled when the preacher was pronouncing them husband and wife.  She began to cry, however, the tears shed were very happy tears because at that moment, the hearing implant made it possible for her to have her complete hearing again!

11 thoughts on “ROSEMARIE

  1. This is a very lovely story. It is good to know that even though she lived a secluded life as a child/teenager that eventually she was able to have her freedom and meet a man who would not only give her her hearing back but be her husband.


  2. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, all is not lost when your life does not go in the direction you wish. There comes a time in your life when you can get past the rough parts and enjoy the more enjoyable ones even if it is still not what you had in mind.


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