**If you recall this week was in honor of my boy Doug’s 16th birthday!**

and the cue is AGED


“Oscar, have you seen Joe around this week?”  Sam asked.

“No, I heard he transferred to another department.”  Oscar replied.

“Is that part of the promotion he received after getting the Most Valuable Partner Of The Year award last month?”

“Probably that, and the fact he has aged so much in the last two years, they felt he needed transferred out of the special weapons and tactics team so he could keep his job.”

“Your probably right, he has an outstanding career and saved so many officer’s lives and he would probably start aging faster if he had to retire.”

“I know, and next month he will be celebrating his seventy-seventh birthday, but of course that is in dog years not human years, which makes a huge difference when it comes time to retire from the job.”

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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