Wordle #86   November 23, 2015

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie        Words:  cyprus, enable, ringside, Lapis Lazuli, coffin, hands, acrobat, strength, mawkish, serum

Border Crossing

My ability to speak Greek, and having use of an acrobat reader on my computer enabled me to cross the border into Cyprus.

I met a double agent at the Ringside Cafe, which was a great experience for me.  Not only did they have a unique eating area, but they also sold Lapis Lazuli stones in the gift shop. I was fortunate enough to hear the Hands Band that had gotten there just hours before I did.

The double agent was mawkish after eating his meal, however, that did not impair his strength in any way so we left the cafe in search of our collaborator.

Mr. Smith, the collaborator, insisted we use a standard wooden coffin to transport our agent back to the United States.  He said it would bring less attention our way and therefore, speed up the transportation arrangements.

Our agent, Roland W. Hoffman, was given a very powerful serum that put him into a temporary coma lasting only two days, so time was an important factor to consider.

Everything went according to our plan until it came time to transport the coffin across the border.

The border patrol insisted the coffin be opened and inspected even though I had all the necessary documents needed.

Unfortunately, it had taken two full days to get to the time of our crossing the border and the serum and air supply was almost depleted for agent Hoffman.

It all came down, when the border patrol opened the casket and agent Hoffman sat up in the coffin and began to cough.

The border patrol fainted, agent Hoffman got out of the casket and into the truck cab  and I sped off across the border like a ” bat out of hell!”

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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