Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words. The piece doesn’t have to centre around exactly what the photo is, it can be just used as a basis for a story.

131 11 November 22nd 2015

Old Hotel

“What do  you think of this old hotel now, Jennie?”  Trevor asked.

She smiled and said, “it’s really nice!  Can we use the swimming pool that’s on the roof?”

“Sure, I think tomorrow will be a beautiful day and perfect for swimming.”

Trevor woke Jennie up and said, “I think the building is on fire!”

Jennie started to jump out of bed, but Trevor stopped her.

“No, wait.  We need to roll off the bed and crawl on our hands and knees toward the door.”

Trevor carefully opened the door.  He told Jennie to hold her breath as much as possible, breathe shallowly through her nose using her shirt as a filter and watch the wall as she crawled to the door that led to the roof.

They crawled to the door and were able to get on the roof in the swimming pool area.

To avoid being struck by a spark of fire they got in the pool and waited until they were safely rescued.

Jennie said, “Trevor, I changed my mind about this old hotel.  Let’s stay in a new hotel next time.  I don’t like having to swim when the building is on fire.”

Words (199)

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


4 thoughts on “OLD HOTEL

  1. Thank you, Joy! I was thinking that they were too high up to get down the stairs before being overcome by smoke. I had more detail, but I was already at my limit and had to delete a few things. I find the word count challenging which is good. It makes you try harder to tell the story , but do not elaborate on things. Sometimes I get carried away writing and then realize I need to cut out a great deal of it. Writing a book would be ideal for detail, but I do not have the time or patience for that right now. I have one started, but it is on hold for now.


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