SIX SENTENCE STORIES ………….November 19, 2015


United We Stand

The division of the lands of Common Sense decided by, King Nonsense, created great animosity between the two divisions.

King Nonsense named the first division Right and the second division Wrong and he came to the decision simply by flipping a gold coin, however both divisions received equal parts of the land.

There was great resentment from the Wrong division which was mainly due to the name they received and bitterness among the Right division because the separating of the lands caused families to  split from one division into two divisions.

King Nonsense patiently listened to each division’s grievances, never the less, he declared his decision  unbiased and final.

Each division elected a panel of representatives to meet and discuss the problems caused by the King’s decision.

The Right division and the Wrong division decided among themselves to become a Complete division and therefore, the two divisions ousted the King from his throne, turned his body into stone, and displayed it in the center of the Complete division to always remind them, and future generations that “United We Stand!”

 Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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