Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 11-17 through 11-23-2015

This week’s photo prompt is provided by, Sonya-only 100 words.

Prima Donna

Prima Donna walked leisurely across the lawn feeling proud as a peacock!  She was thinking to herself, “yes, I am proud as a peacock, I am a peacock!  I’m bright and beautiful and every peacock is envious of me.”

She looked around at the other peacocks and felt sorry for them.  They were pretty, but did not come close to her beauty.

They looked at her as if they had seen a ghost!  She couldn’t understand why.  Then, as she strutted past a reflecting glass, she felt horrified!  All of her gorgeous colors had turned white.

She chided herself for eating all the white jelly beans the other day.  Now, she looked ghost-like and had to endure months of stares before her beautiful colors come back!

Words (127)

 Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


17 thoughts on “PRIMA DONNA

  1. Thanks, Joy! Yes, it would be quite a shock to see yourself all white when there should be various colors and a real wake up message of what life can be like…although I have my doubts that this will change this peacock’s attitude.:(


  2. I had to read the last two paragraphs of this to my husband. Hilarious!
    Then I’m thinking now…sometimes we have to lose everything that seems important to us to realize how insignificant some parts of life are.


    • Yes, we tend to learn some things the hard way, however, those are the ones that probably stick in our mind the most and hopefully, we do not repeat the same mistake. I once heard….”learn from others mistakes, or you will learn the same lesson from yours!”

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  3. I read your last three stories they are all great. I liked how the peacock turned white, and it was interesting how the king divided the territory as right and wrong.


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