SUNDAY PHOTO FINISH ….November 15, 2015

130 11 November 15th 2015

Mission Accomplished

“Skyler, are you sure this is the right building?”  Maurice asked.

“Yes, because it has the discolored mark on the brick.”

“Maybe we should contact the police.”

“No! He said I must follow his instructions.”

“Of course, like you always do.  Your on another one of his missions.”

“But this time it could turn out  very dangerous for me.”

“Read the note to me.”

     “My lovely Skyler, you better be in front of the building where we first met. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen.  Yours always, Ryan”

“What does he mean by bad?”

“You better leave, Maurice. I don’t want you  in any danger.”

A car drove up, Ryan jumped out and said, “I knew he would be with you this time!” Ryan rushed toward Maurice with a switch blade and Skyler saw a huge ball of fire that temporarily blinded her.

Ryan had disappeared, the car had disappeared and everything was normal again.

“Maurice, what just happened?”

“Ryan was jealous of you and I, so I used my Marvelous Powers and sent him back to Mars. “

Words (175)

 Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved



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