SIX SENTENCE STORY….This week the cue is …LEFT


Left eye Jack traveled in a pack and he was the Alpha male.

Jack’s left eye was twice the size of his right eye and he used it to his advantage.

Like all wolves, he used his facial expressions to communicate with other wolves, and he looked at other animals directly in the eye, which declared and reinforced his superior rank and his left eye was a dominating factor .

A subordinate wolf would cringe toward him with tail low, bent legs, ears back and down, in a submissive nature.

He was the oldest in the pack and the most experienced in hunting, defending territory and other activities.

Jack made the decisions for the pack when the group went out to hunt and they would follow him everywhere.

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

7 thoughts on “JACK THE WOLF

  1. I can only imagine…vivid description. Ive been a bit wary around here lately because we have a very big coyote that keeps showing up in the front yard….now im picturing him as Jack!


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