Three-fifths sized replica of the memorial located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, along Constitution Avenue .  This Traveling Wall has made 18 stops this year and has 13 stops already scheduled for 2016.

The traveling wall’s design is similiar in size but shape varies.  When attending the permanent memorial the bottom of the wall grows below the ground while the traveling wall grows above.

For both memorials the highest panels are in the center.  The traveling memorial measures more than 10 feet tall.

The last two panels on each side of the memorial are reserved for names to be added.  Since 1982,  347 names have been added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

List of 58,286 names of American service members who lost their lives during the 16 years of the Vietnam war.


  1. For some reason, my computer wouldn’t open up the photos so I didn’t get to see them. This is a great post for Veterans Day! I didn’t realize that over 58 thousand people died in the Vietnam war!


  2. I had a terrible time getting them on the site for some reason, (even after I got them on when I tried to add more, the cursor would not go below the photo so I just had to go with what I already had on) but it does show on mine and I haven’t heard anyone comment about not receiving them yet. Thank you for reading, I’m sorry you can’t see the photos. We went to see the wall yesterday and it is quite impressive and very sad!


  3. I’m so glad your brothers are o.k. and I’m sure everyone was affected in some way….how can one not be! They have to live with the terrible memories and unbelievable events that occurred over there. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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