SIX SENTENCE STORIES   ..November 5, 2015   Cue of the week…CLOSE



Rob was just your average auto mechanic, but he knew more about sports cars than anyone in town.

He had closed the auto shop and was walking to his car when accosted by two very strange men and forced into a white circular object, strapped to a tall cylinder, and dozens of wires tapped to his head.

Brightly colored lights flashed in front of him and he had to arrange them like a rainbow, but only with the use of his mind.

The wires strapped to his head caused him to relax so he carefully arranged the colored lights in the proper order.

He began to see hundreds of tiny, weird objects that resembled trucks with their motors revved up like they were about to enter a race and he was immediately released from captivity and the circular object disappeared into the sky.

Rob walked into his house, his wife asked him what took him so long to get home, he told her he had a close encounter and something spectacular happened, and he was ready for a strong drink!

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

27 thoughts on “ROB’S ENCOUNTER

  1. Thank you! 🙂 No, they would not believe…unless they had one themselves. That would be so unsettling if you went through that experience and had to live with it alone. Maybe next time it would involve death…:(


  2. I didn’t know if he was under the influence while the whole story played out. The arranging of the colored lights into order was very interesting and believably written.


  3. Thank you! I appreciate your reading and commenting. He probably became under the influence when he got home, and probably had doubts about the event for a short while until it really soaked in that it actually happened. 🙂


  4. Probably not. There would have to be a lot of other people that had the same type of experience or close to it….then, as is the case in a lot of things that people did not use to believe in…Today…they do believe in them! We live in an amazing world! Many things have changed over the years, and I believe there is a whole lot more coming. 🙂


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