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Every year Mable won the prize money at the county fair for growing the largest and sweetest tomatoes.

Evelyn, Mable’s neighbor, tried to find out Mable’s method for growing the tomatoes, but Mable told her it was a family secret.

This year Mable noticed Evelyn watching her as she planted her tomato plants.

Shortly after Mable finished planting her tomato plants, Evelyn put her tomato plants in the ground.

When they entered their tomato plants in the contest, Mable’s tomato plants won again.

What Evelyn did not know was the fact that Mable had another planting area in her flower garden where she planted tomato plants using her secret method to grow them.

Words (133)

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


5 thoughts on “METHOD

  1. I’m not sure which one is more real. The spying neighbor or the secret method lady. I can tell you that if you ever see some Eastern European woman, don’t ask you don’t want to know….especially after they give you tomatoes or peppers


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