A tear dropped from my eyes as I walked into the room.

The glass container enclosed his little body, yet he was totally visible to me.

The lights were low and the only sound heard was coming from the heart monitor.

The wires connected to his tiny chest moved with each small breath as he inhaled and exhaled.

I placed my hand inside the circular opening of the container and gently placed it on his head, then softly stroked his hair.

I spoke to him in a hushed tone telling him how much I loved him and I began to pray as tears flowed from my eyes.

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


29 thoughts on “HEARTFELT TEARS

  1. That is a very sad and lovely at the same time as soon as I read “The glass container enclosed his little body, yet he was totally visible to me.” I had a feeling where it was going.


  2. Not a child of mine…but friend. However, I know the heartache of my child being on the edge of death…fortunately, she lived. (age 2 yrs. at the time) It is a fear that is hard to put in words, and I thank God for her recovering. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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  4. A very sad story which I guess might be true. You captured the intensity and love in the moment of contact. Prayers and tears often go together.


  5. This is excellent. Well done.

    I believe people in this condition can hear, and are comforted by words, but they don’t have the strength to respond.

    I was east of Reno, Nevada, 600 miles from home when I called Barb and learned my mother was near death. I couldn’t head home for another twelve hours and it was after 2 AM when I held her hand and spoke to her. There was no response. She was gone two hours later. She knew I was coming and she waited.


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