In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Our House.”


I grew up in project type housing. There were two units connected.

Our house, built with wood had shingles.  All of the floors were hardwood.  My mother always insisted that the floors be waxed and polished…usually with an old wool skirt. There were three bedrooms and one bath. The bath had a small shower, but no tub.

The kitchen consisted of a stove, sink, and some counter space and enough space for a wringer washing machine, which we rolled over to the kitchen sink and connected to the sink faucet when in use.  There was just enough room for a table and four chairs and this area had a wall by it and  on the other side is where the ice box sat.  We had the ice man come each week to put a huge block of ice in the box, and this kept our food cold. During the winter, we put some things on top of the coal ben (under a large wash tub) ..located outside beside the back porch. This saved space in the ice box for other food items.

Our heating for the house was from burning coal in a pot-belly stove.  The stove was in the living-room and had to heat the entire house.

We had trees right behind our house and we would have to rake leaves each year. We made a game out of it by raking the leaves into long rows and forming a house floor plan. We picked up the leaves after we finished playing.

Back in those days, the neighbors would get together and sit outside and talk while the kids ran around and played.  Sometimes we would get an ice cream from the ice cream truck that came driving through our neighborhood.  That was a real treat for us.

I loved living there because we had a lot of friends to play with, the neighbors were friendly, and I loved having trees behind our house instead of another housing unit. We were all in the same “boat” as far as status goes. No one had a lot of money, but we were well cared for and we were happy.


  1. It seems idyllic. I think in this modern world that friendliness with your neighbours, and all the kids running around together has been lost. Maybe we have more money but we are an island unto ourselves as well. Great post!


  2. Yes, and I didn’t even realize it at the time. Looking back sure does give you the real picture. I try to remind myself of that now as I live each day. I want to enjoy it to the fullest because it will all go away one day and I would like to look back and say that I was aware of the things in my life and how much I enjoyed it.


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