Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week of 10-06 thru 10-12-2015           

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Etol Bagam. Thank you Etol!



There  was a hush among the audience as the curtain slowly opened.

The listeners were already showing signs of the play becoming a hit as they leaned forward in their seats.  Many had waited several hours outside, making sure they would get a seat.

The lead singer in the play , Raymond Rockshire, a famous actor was making his first appearance at the theatre.

After he finished singing the applause was quite deafening.  The lights  turned low, then turned high, and once again lowered for a longer amount of time.

When, at last, the lights were higher, that is when everyone became shocked to see the singer stretched out on the floor!

Raymond Rockshire had been brutally stabbed in the heart.

There was a note attached to his body from a serial killer that the authorities were searching for. The note simply stated, in red letters; You Can’t Catch Me.

Words (147)

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

12 thoughts on “RAYMOND ROCKSHIRE

  1. Wow! What a shocking “performance.” I’m sure the audience wasn’t expecting that! (Neither was he). The killer sounds arrogant! I hope they catch him and quick. Great story Jessie! Thank you again, for participating in FFfAW challenge!

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  2. Great twist ending! I love the name Raymond Rockshire too. So, he really “died” out there, huh? (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) I’m picturing him and the Garrad from my story hanging out in the afterlife together, regretting going on stage that night.


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