Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie    October 1, 2015

Tale Weaver #33      When Fruit and Vegetables Speak to Me.

Weave a tale in which you go to the supermarket and in the produce section you discover the fruit and vegetables all have eyes and are looking at you. None of this seem right but before you the fruit and veges are conversing about a multitude of topics.

As you pass by they try and engage you in conversation.

Weave a tale in which you find yourself in this odd situation.

Which fruit or vegetable do you engage with and what do you discuss?

Let your imagination run wild.

Image: © Rose’s Garden: used with permission


Vegetable Encounter

As I was walking by the vegetable bins I heard a conversation going on and saw a pepper actually talking to a cucumber,  and they had eyes.

“Where did tomato go, ” asked pepper?

“I don’t know, he was just here a few minutes ago,” replied cucumber.

Then, the pepper turned to me and asked if I could help. I had to make myself stand there and not bolt from the store.

“Please help us find tomato, ” he said.

“Great! Now the mist sprayer is on,” squash grumbled.

“Don’t worry squash, you need a bath anyway,” pepper yelled.

“Speak for yourself, pepper, you are not exactly the cleanest veggie around here,” retorted squash.

I finally got my wits about me and asked, “where do you think tomato is?”

Then, I heard tomato say, “I’m over here by the potatoes and I’m getting smashed.”

I calmly walked over to the potato bin and picked up tomato, took it over to the veggie bin and sat it by cucumber and squash.

I thought I heard a round of applause coming from tomato, cucumber, squash, and pepper, but I was so rattled by then, the only thing I could concentrate on was walking out of the store!

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


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