Wordle #80
“September 28, 2015”

1. Infection, 2. Pastel, 3. Cranberry, 4. Bony, 5. Atavistic, 6. Figure, 7. Exhale, 8. Copse,  9. Nebulous, 10. Menace, 11. Door, 12. Ichor ……Use at least 10 of the words to create    a story or poem.  The words can appear in an alternate form.  Use the words in any  order that you like.


Drake was in Philadelphia on a business trip and decided to look up an old friend.  He had not see Jordan Jones in over five years.

He was looking for building thirteen and it was nebulous outside so he couldn’t see very good.  The night air seemed colder than usual and each time he would exhale it looked like he was smoking.

When he found building thirteen there was a small copse almost hiding the door and the building appeared empty. He was about to pass by it and all of a sudden the door opened and five very strange people came out. They walked right past him like he wasn’t even there. Then, another person came out of the door pushing a bicycle and nearly knocked him down. Drake figured people like that were a menace to society. They didn’t care who they ran into.

He went in the building and was waiting for the elevator door to open and some old bony looking woman wearing a cranberry colored blouse and some type of  pastel colored slacks came from the staircase entrance. She had a terrible figure and looked like she had some type of infection all over her body.  Her skin was very pale.

Apparently, the elevator was not working so he had to climb the stairs.  After reaching the second floor apartment he knocked on the door. After a couple of knocks, he knocked even harder and the door opened up.  Much to his surprise, the apartment was empty.

He check on the other apartments and found that all the apartments in the building were empty!

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved







2 thoughts on “BUILDING 13

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  2. Oh boy, i dont want to say he might have seen ghosts but building 13 I’d one place I do not want to be in. I love your description of Drake exhaling smoke rather than saying it was a cold night. ☺


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