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Distance Is Not Always A Problem

I met the love of my life two weeks before he was to sent to Camp Lejeune, NC  He was in the Marine Corps and had been going to radio communications training in Norfolk, Virginia at the Naval base  learning the Morse code.

We met at a skating rink that use to use the facility as a dance floor after the skating sessions. Someone was there playing all those really nice 45 records so we could dance. He did not have a car and I was using one my parents had for my sister and I to use. We met at the skating rink twice and then went on our first date…to the drive-in (remember the outdoor movies) to see the movie Dr. No.  staring Sean Connery. He borrowed a car from a friend and it would not get out of 2nd gear, but it got us to where we wanted to go.

He left and went to Camp Lejeune and told me that he would come see me on the week-ends. (a four hour drive!) My thoughts were….sure he will…no car and 4 hours away! Plus, I had just met him two weeks before he left.

True to his word…he came on the weekends. The men use to meet at a certain area on the base and carpool and that is how he traveled every weekend. I would pick him up Saturday morning from the naval base where he stayed on the weekends and he would go back to Camp Lejeune by carpool, or I would take him to the greyhound bus station on Sunday afternoon and he would take the bus back to the base.

Three months passed and he went on a five month cruise. We wrote letters and when he came back he went home and bought a 1957 Chevy, stayed a couple of days with his parents and then came to Norfolk. I remember that night very well…my mother and I had stayed up and watched the news and a movie and were about to go to bed when we heard a knock on the front door (at 2 a.m. in the morning) . He had just gotten into town and rode by our house. He saw the lights on so he decided to take a chance and knock on the door.

A couple of months later, we got married. I was not quite 19 at the time and we needed my parents to sign for me to get married because back then you had to be at least 21 or have written permission from your parents. They liked him, what little they knew of him (they knew nothing about his family). However, they were against our getting married. They wanted us to wait until he got out of the service. (Saying that to a 20 year old and 18 year old who were in love and felt they were ready to get married….was like talking to the wall!)

We eloped. We only had to travel fifty miles to North Carolina …where the legal age was only 18.

We rented an apartment in Norfolk and he came home on the weekends for a couple of months, then he had to go on another five month cruise. I worked and shortly before he came back from the cruise, I went to a town fifty miles from the base and rented an apartment. We lived there for a couple of months and I could not find a job since they would not hire me once they learned that my husband was in the military. They knew I would not be there long.

We put our few items in storage and I went to live with my mother for five months while he was on the cruise. I found another apartment in the same town a couple of weeks before he returned. We were there for about five months and he went on another cruise and that time I stayed because we had a nice apartment and I had gotten a job with the help of our neighbor that lived in the apartment next to us.

When he returned we lived there several more months and then he got out of the Marines and we moved, bought a house, he went to college, and we started a family four years later.

We had our 50th wedding anniversary last year and now after 51 years we are still very happily married!

Aubrey and Jessie 50th Wedding Anniversary


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  2. Oh wow!!! Jessie this is really lovely, in a world full of divorce and single parents (for different reasons) I loved reading the story of someone I know (albeit on-line) who has made it through to the big fifty still together. Hope to be like you guys someday!!


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