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Jordan had a perfect day until she entered the parking garage and saw that the left front tire on her car was flat.

Her time of tribulation was just beginning when she looked in the trunk to see if the spare tire was good and she noticed the silhouette of someone in the shadows of her car.

She was about to make a hasty return to the parking garage elevator when a man grabbed her arm, told her to stop, and then said he noticed the flat tire and would help her with it.

He said his name was Brandon as he pulled out the spare tire, car jack, tire iron and began to change the tire.

Jordan was thinking that maybe her day would continue being perfect now that the tire would be replaced and especially by such a nice looking hunk of a man.

As soon as the tire was replaced, Brandon tried to force Jordan in the trunk, but she grabbed the tire iron, slammed it against his head just at the perfect angle causing him to drop to the pavement unconscious.

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


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