I’m pleased to say….This is my 100th post!

I give my thanks to everyone that has followed my blog and the comments given. I appreciate your support and thoughtfullness.

I’d like to thank Yinglan    at A Simple Life for nominating me for the Liebster Award. This would put me at Liebster x2!


I am familiar with the rules but my nominees probably aren’t. So I’ll put them anyway.

The rules are…

  • Answer the questions that your nominator posted for his/her nominees.
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Make up 11 new fun questions for your nominees.
  • Give some love back to your nominator and link back to his/her post.
  • You must nominate 5-11 bloggers.

Questions Time:

  1. If you can be any superhero, who would you be?   Wonder Woman…she is smart, strong, independently liberated- icon for people who do not feel perfect, showing them just being a better person is all that matters. 
  2. If you are given a magic seed, you can throw it in the ground and it will grow whatever you want, what would it be?   A fruit that could cure all the illness and diseases in the world. 
  3. If you can go anywhere, where would you go?  I would choose a place in each of the United States and spend a week there. 
  4. What is one thing you have been meaning to do but haven’t seem to find the time?   Learn how to swim. 
  5. What’s one word you always second-guess yourself when spelling it out?  The word affect/effect.
  6. If you can change the name of a food, what would it be?  Ice Cream would be named Best Dessert!
  7. If you can time travel to any destination in time, what year would it be?  Year 1950…when all I had to worry about was eating, sleeping and playing! 
  8. What is an ideal day?  Waking up feeling good, having a relaxing breakfast in the fresh morning air while I watch the birds fly around  the lush trees, having lunch with friends, buying something special, and going to dinner and a play or movie with my husband. 
  9. If you can wake up to any sound, what would it be?  The sound of rain…somewhere between a sprinkle and a down-pour. 
  10. If a stranger hands you a hundred dollar (pound, euro, whatever your currency), what would you spend it on?   I would stretch it out over a period of time and let it be my pocket change for small items and food and drink.
  11. Fill in the blank:  In a perfect world,  P E A C E   would be Everywhere!   


  1. I’m enjoying no longer working in an office or being self-employed. Retirement suits me just fine!
  2. I love to take various classes on art and am looking forward to the baton class which I will be taking in a couple of weeks.
  3. I’m so glad I finally started to blog. I have always written long letters….the old fashion way (before computers, laptops, ipads, texting and charges for long distance phone calls!) and now I get to make up stories and share them with others and also read theirs.
  4. I enjoy watching sports that are fast like…football, basketball, (mostly at the game and not on TV) and I love to line dance to all kinds of music.
  5. I once played on a “Powder Puff” football team, wearing the helmet, shoulder pads and jersey,  jeans, and tennis shoes. I was a guard against someone twice my size! (it wasn’t a pretty sight!) Our team lost by six points right at the end of the game.
  6. My favorite dessert is ICE CREAM! I rarely eat it now because I am alergic  to dairy products. (sad)
  7. The day I gave birth to each of our children …I just happened to have a doctors appointment that day and was sent from the doctor’s office straight to the hospital…I drove myself with the first two times and my husband was with me with the third , so he took me there. Each child was born within two hours after I arrived at the hospital. The real strange part of this was the fact that I did not know I was in labor! (it didn’t take long to find out though!!!)
  8. I had ruptured appendix when I was five years old and came close to dieing. I remember having a mask put over my face and being asked it it smelled like my mothers flowers.  I promptly told them that my mother didn’t have any flowers!
  9. I took typing when I was in high school and I can still type 70 words a minute. (I let my fingers do the walking … 🙂
  10. I’m an introvert, but not as bad as I use to be. Life has a way of changing you over the years.
  11. I love to take pictures of all kinds and also look at the ones other people have taken. Some of the really awesome ones with fantastic views, makes me feel like stepping right into the photo.


  1. What is the most important 3 things in your life?
  2. What are your pet peeves?
  3. If you could travel on a month’s vacation (FREE) where would you go and who- if any- would you take with you?
  4. If you had to relive part of your life, what age would you choose and why?
  5. If you could change one major thing in this world what would it be?
  6. What motivates you?
  7. What has been the most disappointing thing in your life.?
  8. What freaks you out?
  9. What according to you is the most treasured possession you own?
  10. What is the best book you have read so far?
  11. What is your favorite type of vehicle?


9 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD

  1. Congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for nominating my blog! I never accept awards because I’m not good with manipulating WordPress, but I do appreciate them, and I thank you so much!!!! I hope you have a great rest of the week! 🙂


  2. Congratulations on your award! Thank you so much for nominating my blog. I just saw this nomination today. I never accept awards because I don’t have very many skills in WordPress, in fact it has taken me three times to try and post this comment. I love awards though, and I thank you for thinking of my blog. I hope you have a fantastic week, and thank you!!!! 🙂


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