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While traveling, Grayson and Holly noticed how dark the clouds were that hovered over the sky and how the wind had caused the leaves to drop like burning tears, as it  howled with gusto.

Holly had once felt the wind to seem like tender hands as they caressed her face and she imagined it blowing all her troubles away, however, now it is a force to be reckoned with.

Grayson told Holly that air becomes wind when agitated, and it does not discriminate because it touches everyone and everything.

They stopped at a quaint little bed and breakfast to spend the night and ran from the car to the building as the wind and rain pounded on them.

Holly told Grayson that the wind had stirred her hair like it was mixing a cake batter!

He told her to just let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through her, as they started to sit down for a nice home cooked meal.

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

12 thoughts on “WIND

  1. After being battered by the wind (no matter how lyrical air sounds when it is agitated) it is comforting to feel safe indoors and eating a home cooked meal. Beautifully told.


  2. Great description of wind, a thing we can no actually see. Buy. Y favorite she tense was that it was blowing her troubles away. I shall keep that thought close and ready.


  3. One of the reasons I hate winter so much is the cold winds that blow through your being and freeze your soul. (At least my being and my soul). Very good description, running from a car into the warmth of the house, rain and wind pounding.


  4. Thank you. I never have that problem now…living in Florida, but growing up in Virginia there were plenty of miserable cold days. Of course, Florida has plenty of rain and wind, but it doesn’t compare to the cold air in Virginia.


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