This week’s cue for Six Sentence Stories  :   RESERVATION

  • Six sentences…no more…no less.
  • Somehow include the cue….vaguely….directly…we’re easy!
  • any genre…we really are easy


The Cherokee reservation is a tract of land set apart by the Federal Government for use of the native American people.

Traditional Cherokee foods consisted of corn, beans, squash, and are known as the “Three Sisters,” and they also ate potatoes, pumpkin, deer, tukey, fish and even popcorn.

The Cherokee arts and crafts included double wall basketry, pottery, woven textiles, and their art is experiencing a renaissance today as they research tradditional motifs and art forms and apply it to their work.

The traditional musical instruments of the Cherokee are the ceremonial rattles, river cane flute, water drum, and trumpets made of buffalo horn and other materials.

The Cherokee people call themselves aniyvwiya, meaning the Real People and the elders tell us Cherokee people historically have called themselves anigaduwagi, or Kituwah people.

As of June, 2013 the Cherokee Nation had more than 320,000 tribal citizens, and approximately 126,000 of these citizens lived within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Cherokee Nation in Okalohoma.

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