This week’s cue for Six Sentence Stories is:   STEP

Burdens Of Life

Carissa felt like the  world was on her shoulders and she needed to step away from the burdens of life.

She decided to step outside for a breath of fresh air.

The bright sunshine covered her whole body like a lovely warm embrace, and walking on the grass made her feel like she was standing on a soft cushion.

The sky was a beautiful shade of blue with soft white clouds scattered all around and she felt a cool breeze gently caressing her face.

Her outlook completely changed and she knew she had just taken a step in the right direction.

That day she decided she would not allow the burdens to ruin her journey of life.

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


12 thoughts on “BURDENS OF LIFE

  1. What a lovely story. Sometimes just a breath of fresh air, or time to breath, helps us put things in perspective in life. I loved it, I could feel myself relax as I read it.


  2. This is a very pleasant story. I think I need to continually remind myself to step away from the burdens of life. I have developed a better perspective as I have gotten older. I really believe things will work out without me fretting about them, but stories such as this are good reminders.


  3. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your compliment. I think everyone needs to keep reminding themselves of this from time to time. We get so caught up in our world of responsibilities that we fret over things that should not even be close to one of our concerns.


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