Sunday Photo Fiction – July 12th 2015


Tower Bridge, London


Ralph said, “are you sure this plan will work? He will recognize you.”  His friend, Mason laughed. “It’s fool proof!  He will never know who I am. This time old Waters will get what he deserves. I promise.”

Mason said, “all I need you to do is alert me when he starts to walk toward the middle of the  bridge.”

Waters looked around and saw only an old man on the bridge.  He was surprised to see someone that early in the morning, but dismissed it from his mind and proceeded to cross the bridge.

Suddenly,  he was confronted by the old man, pushed against the bridge rail and his hands secured to the rail with handcuffs.  Then, the old man disappeared without a word.

Mason grinned as he told Ralph, “it is all taken care of.  The police are on their way. Waters will be found with his gun and all of the drugs.  He will be spending the remainder of his life behind bars.”

Ralph said, “so you were the old man!  But, how did you make yourself look so tall?”

Mason handed Ralph a bag and replied, “I just booted up!”

Inside the bag were old clothes and a pair of boots with four inch heels.


Words (209)

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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