Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 07-08-2015 thru 07-14-2015


Grapevines photographed by Vanessa Rodriguez. Thank you Vanessa for our photo prompt!

Running Through The Vineyard

Trevor grew up spending a great deal of time running through the vineyard.  He was born blind, but that did not slow him down.

The vineyard, in the Verde River valley in Arizona, was perfect for growing the grapes. The thirty degree temperature differential between day and night is what caused the grapes to thrive.

One day Trevor went with his father to check on a part of the vineyard.  It was late in the day and they were deep into the vineyard when his father fell and passed out.

Trevor knew his father needed medical attention and it was getting colder by the minute, so he had to act fast.

He knew by the odor of the grapes when he passed a certain section. Some sections were closer to harvest than others. He counted the sections as he crossed and ran with his hands outstretched to the side to guide him.

When the medic’s arrived he was able to lead them to his father.  They were astounded at his ability to track his father so quickly and it help save his father’s life.

Words (184)

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

15 thoughts on “VINEYARD

  1. It really is amazing how blind people develop such heightened senses of hearing, smell and touch. I like the way you’ve brought this into the story, as Trevor hurries to find help for his stricken father. I can easily picture him feeling and smelling his way through the rows of vines.


      • Millie, in response to my working with the blind..(I hit the wrong thing on your 2nd comment)……I have never worked with the blind, however, I have read things about it, my niece’s father-in-law was blind most of his life and right now my sister is blind in one eye…and has many problems with the other eye. I think it is very tragic to be blind and if I had to choose, I believe I would choose a silent world instead of a dark one. Both ..have their pros and cons.


  2. Just because Trevor has a disability doesn’t mean he’s helpless or useless! You describe the way in which he navigates his surroundings really well. Good story. 🙂


  3. Thank you. When you have all your senses it is difficult to imagine how different the body operates when you have a loss of one. One may be lost, but the others work much harder and helps compensate for that loss.


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