Sunday Photo Fiction – June 28th 2015

Thank you Al Forbes for this week’s photo prompt.

Rolls Royce angel



Mason was driving his new Rolls Royce in the mountain area enjoying the spectacular views.

He stopped at a small look-out area and sat on a large rock overlooking the valley.  He saw something sparkling down the mountainside.  He walked down to get a better look.

He saw a vehicle covered with tree branches and carefully maneuvered his way toward it.  There was a dead man near the car.  He heard a man’s voice calling for help, but when he reached the car he found a young child trapped under it. The child was unconscious and bleeding.  After several attempts to lift the car, he decided go find someone to help him.

When Mason turned to go there was a man standing behind him. The man motioned for them to lift the car together and without difficulty they moved the part that had the child trapped.

After pulling the child free, Mason looked up to thank the man, but there was no one there.

Words (174)

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

15 thoughts on “MYSTERIOUS

  1. I read it as though the person who disappeared was the ghost of the dead man who may have been driving.
    In enjoyed this story!


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