Accidental Visit

It was after midnight when I rushed out of my apartment.  With my suitcase in tow, I hurried to the elevator, pushed the down button and paced back and forth with anticipation of the door opening.  What seemed like five minutes was only thirty seconds before the door slid open.

I rode down to the parking garage, stepped out of the elevator and raced to my car.  Time was of the essence and I couldn’t spare a single minute.

It was a very frigid night and the snow was just beginning to fall.  Everything was so quiet and I could almost hear the snowflakes hitting my car.  I was too upset to take great pleasure out of seeing such spectacular snowflakes drifting down through the dark.

The message I heard on my answering machine was short and to the point…”Roxanne, come immediately, extreme emergency.”  I called home, but could not reach my mother.


When I drove on the mountain road I was almost hysterical with fright.  It was snowing so much the windshield wipers did not clear the snow off the windshield very good.  I was squinting my eyes, had a death grip on the steering wheel, one foot on the accelerator, and the other foot hovering over the brake pedal.  I kept thinking I was going to get to the bottom of the mountain in lighting speed, but it would not be by way of the mountain road. I pictured my car, with me in it, doing somersaults as it fell to the bottom of the mountain.

I rounded a curve and that’s when a truck met me head-on!  I screamed as it slid toward my car.  I felt the car crash into the truck, the airbag hit me with such force it took my breath away and I passed out.

I remember waking up in the hospital room with tubes connected to me and my legs in casts. When I looked to the right of me I saw another patient in the other bed.

The patient called my name and I learned that it was my mother speaking to me!  She had a large bandage around her head, and one of her legs in a cast.

My mother had fallen down the steps, injured her head and broken one of her legs.

We had not seen each other for over a month.  Our being together in the hospital was not the kind of visit we had planned, but we found great joy in it despite our circumstances.

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

14 thoughts on “VISIT

  1. Thats was frightening, the accident must have been really bad for you and of course your mom was there, although not the way you want her to be. Since you both enjoyed each other’s company, it has happy ending:)


  2. Yes, the ending turned out to be happy after all. Thank you for reading and commenting.
    I just realized…you may not have noticed that this is a Fiction story! All of it has been created in my head.


  3. How amazing! I am so glad that it ended well. I was beginning to get as nervous as you were, speeding down the treacherous mountain road. Well-written, suspenseful and, thankfully, not tragic.


  4. What an amazing story, Jessie. I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been. You have told the story really well with lots of suspense. You were fortunate the story turned out as it did, and the ending was a happy one.


  5. I am very pleased that you enjoyed it and really appreciate your nice comment. I’m getting comments in reference to it being a true story…..this has been tagged as a Fiction. None of it is real…I just created the story in my head.


  6. Hi Jessie! You probably know by now that I like to drop by occasionally just to leave a personal note for the participants of FFfAW challenge. I appreciate your continued participation in the challenge. I look forward to reading your weekly stories and I know the others do as well. Again, thank you for your continued friendship and loyalty!


  7. Thank you, I really appreciate that. I am so happy to be able to participate in the photo challenges. It’s very rewarding to receive comments on my posts and have the opportunity to read others and comment. I appreciate your support.🌞🌹🌸🌺🌼🌷


  8. Awww, reminds me of the saying- all’s well that ends well. It definitely wasn’t the kind of visit either of them would have planned, but I can picture them making the most of it, even though they are on bandage 😀 . This is a beautiful story.


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