My friend Priceless Joy with Beautiful Words blog has challenged all of her followers (me being one) to write a post about fifty things that make us happy.

I am accepting his challenge and extending this challenge to all my followers: Write a blog post about “Fifty Things That Make You Happy.”

Fifty Things That Make Me Happy

1.    Living in the United States of America.

2.    Being married to a wonderful and devoted man.

3.    Being blessed with three wonderful children.

4.    Living in a very active adult community.

5.    Having friends.

6.     Watching the sunset.

7.     Feeling the wind on my body.

8.     Relaxing in the pool.

9.     Line Dancing and Line Dancing Socials.

10.   Going out to dinner with my husband, and, or friends.

11.   Listening to music.

12.   Going to see a movie at the theatre.

13.   Watching a live play.

14.   Getting a good nights sleep.

15.   Working on my blog.

16.   Drinking a cup of coffee and eating a dessert.

17.   Seeing all the beautiful flowers around here.

18.   Riding a horse.

19.   Painting and drawing.

20.   Driving my car.

21.   Going on a cruise.

22.   Reading a good book.

23.   Getting new clothes.

24.   Singing, humming, whistling.

25.   Swinging in my swing on the lanai.

26.   Riding my bike.

27.   Watching the bunny hop across our yard traveling to another area of the neighborhood.

28.   Seeing the birds fly around in our backyard.

29.   Listening to our granddog acting like he can sing!

30.   Being healthy.

31.   Sitting in my glider chair.

32.   Having our house clean and all the laundry done.

33.   Spending time in the mountain areas during the Fall.

34.   When the internet is working properly.

35.   Finally coming up with an answer to my question.

36.   Playing cards.

37.   Receiving good news!

38.   Being healthy.

39.   Going to a rodeo.

40.   Arriving at my destination safely …..especially after being on the interstate!

41.   Twirling a baton.

42.   Finding something that was missing.

43.   Having our granddaughter visit us and taking her places.

44.   Taking pictures.

45.   Visiting relatives.

46.   Getting all the bills paid.

47.   Having a pen that just glides across the paper without much effort on my part.

48.   Coming up with new ideas.

49.   Having a full charge on my cell phone and Kindle.


                                                                             H A P P Y !            925d035b93cc17442c5c69ada5fe37b9

8 thoughts on “BEING HAPPY

  1. Beautiful drawings! Thank you for your extensive warm compliments as well. I’m looking forward in your very own journey as well.


  2. Dear friend.. I have gone through the 50 things that u have mentioned..All are the very basics of our peaceful existence and little things have huge power to make our day…hope to cross each other many more times..


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